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  1. Far From You

From the recording Far From You

I used to drive between New York and Iowa at least once a year.  On those very long trips there was ample opportunity to reflect on life, feel sorry for oneself, wonder where or with whom happiness might be found.  It was easy to fantasize that the answer to all life's questions might be waiting at the next rest stop.  This song came out of those powerful feelings of longing.  In the end, our longing is satisfied only by something far beyond our small desires, and happiness is found not outside us but within.


Driving this car through the valleys, the hillsides are shrouded with mist
The sun must be high but the afternoon sky shows only a pale yellow disc
And lining the interstate shoulders, the deer lie like fallen soldiers
Summer has never felt colder--I’m far from you
Stopping to rest in a churchyard, straining to read the old stones
I push through a door; there’s dust on the floor, but I’m not completely alone
I think I might hear a bell ringing, and spirits around me are singing
The words of a hymn, but I’m thinking, I’m far from you
People collect in a diner like pennies dropped into a well
They laugh and they fuss, they joke and they cuss about life in this circle of hell
I have no argument with them, it’s just not my corner of heaven
I’m up and I’m out and God bless them, I’m far from you
Mile after mile on the highway, till it feels like I’m spinning the earth
The radials hum, the mile markers sum up the cycle of death and of birth
Time seems to creep, but it flies on
I am just keeping my eyes on
An ever receding horizon--I’m far from you