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WHo Are They perform the music of John VandenOever, a fresh voice in the strong songwriting tradition of Richard Thompson or Paul Simon with an awesome range of musical sound and style.  His well-crafted songs speak to the heart and to the mind.

I had a blast playing on this  album. John is a thoughtful and soulful writer who has an ease in finding the way of telling each story that feels so real and heartfelt that the listener comes away wondering if they should be listening in on this private thought. .... These songs move forward organically and each time I listen a new one pops out and sticks in my ear.                                                               

                                                          -Erik Lawrence, Levon Helm Band


 I'm a huge fan of John's writing and was thrilled to sing harmony on “Crystal Ball.”  The whole album is upbeat uplifting and plump with gorgeous melodies and songs


                                                            -Rex Fowler, Aztec Two-Step