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John VandenOever

 Following a brief musical career in the midwest, singer-songwriter John VandenOever spent many years creating music out of the public eye while pursuing other interests. In 2011 he returned to performing extensively in the New York area, surprising listeners with solid performances of remarkable songs, either solo or with various versions of his band, Who Are They. The band released its first CD, "What Is This" in 2013, with a second, "What On Earth," in 2015.  Now in 2019 WHo Are They are proud to present their new album, "WH.A.T.'s UP".
  Musically, John draws on blues, jazz, folk and country influences, yet never loses touch with a strong personal style that ties all these threads together. Listeners may be reminded at times of Richard Thompson, James Taylor, Bruce Cockburn, or Paul Simon. But John VandenOever doesn’t sound exactly like anyone else. None of his songs even sounds like another. A wide range of musical styles is paired with well-crafted, thoughtful and clever lyrics that speak to both heart and mind with conviction and honesty.
John VandenOever clearly appreciates and has absorbed the best of recent songwriting, and now offers a new and original voice.